Subscribing title by title

Have you created a scenario yet? If not go do that now.

Unsub helps you subscribe title by title using our advanced version of Cost Per Use (CPU).

You can use our approach whether you:

  • are planning to cancel a big deal and want to know what cost and access you'll have via ala carte subscriptions

  • are curious about getting a better big deal and want a comparison point (big deal vs. no big deal w/ ala carte)

  • already cancelled your big deal and want to get an accurate forecast of your ala carte subscriptions

We make it super easy to subscribe title by title using CPU. It's as easy as adding or subtracting one title at a time with two button clicks. Locate the area on your scenario with the - and + that says "Subscribed journals", and there should be a zero in between the - and +. When there are zero subscribed journals you should see all grey squares in your scenario - and no blue squares.

Click the + sign once. You have now subscribed to one journal, and you should now see one blue square. The blue square will be the left and lower-most square in the scenario.

You can continue to press the + button to add titles by CPU, or press the - button to remove titles by CPU.

What's Next?

Now that you’ve learned how to subscribe title by title, the next step is to learn how to Set scenario parameters

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