Does this work for consortia?

Yes! We have a number of consortia that use Unsub, including JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and CRKN (Canadian Research Knowledge Network). We also have groups of institutions that use Unsub that are are not official consortia, but are, for example, most of the universities in a small country.

There are a few different Unsub set up scenarios to fit different use cases involving groups of institutions:

  • Central consortium dashboard, with individual institutional dashboards for each consortium member

  • No central consortium dashboard - only individual institutional dashboards for each consortium member

A few notes about consortia:

  • The consortium is usually the purchasing agent

  • Each subscribing institution that is part of the consortium needs to have their own dashboard

  • For a consortial dashboard, not all members of a consortium have to subscribe to Unsub. For example, if a library consortium has 20 members, even if only half of them (10) subscribe to Unsub, that is no problem at all

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