Learning Resources

Articles and webinars about or by Unsub

Unsub webinar series

Unsub runs a webinar series, with the goal of bringing together Unsub users to learn from one another as well as for us to disseminate Unsub best practices.

We have a dedicated webinars page on the Unsub website. Find it at: https://unsub.org/webinars

Recordings of each webinar are available at our Vimeo page at: https://vimeo.com/channels/1768002

Other resources

Note that we also have some older Unsub talks on Vimeo as well. Find those at https://vimeo.com/unsub

Unsub has a press page with links to articles: https://unsub.org/press

A few articles have been published recently that mention Unsub. We know it can be interesting and useful to read and share these with others, so check them out:

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