How do we calculate your OA Publish spend?

Note: The APC Report contains different journals than the Scenarios. It not only includes journals in your base COUNTER file, but *all journals* which authors from your institution have published Open Access. Specifically, it includes Gold OA journals as well as subscription journals.

We have a 15 minute video that explains the calculations in detail here.

An overview of the columns:

OA Type

Whether OA papers published in this journal are available as Gold OA or Hybrid OA. Gold is when the journal is fully OA, and Hybrid is when some of the papers in the journal are only available via subscription.

APC Price

The listed APC (Article Processing Charge) of the journal. This is the price that many journals charge their authors to publish a paper as Open Access in the journal.

Number APC papers

The number of papers in this journal, annually, that were published as Gold or Hybrid OA and include an author from your institution.

Total fractional authorship

Usually the corresponding author of a paper is the one who pays its APC. We don't have data (yet) to identify the corresponding author. Instead, we are calculating the fractional authorship for your institution for all papers published in the last five years, averaged annually. So, for example, if someone in your institution published an OA paper where they were the only author their fractional authorship would be 1.0, and if another team published a paper OA where there were three authors and only one was from your institution their fractional authorship would be 0.3, and together the total fractional authorship of OA papers in that journal that year would be 1.3.

APC dollars spent

Our estimate of the APC dollars spent by your institution annually over the last five years. Calculated by multiplying the total fractional authorship by the APC price.

The total publisher APC spend for the university is the sum of all APC dollars spent across all journals (all rows in this table).

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