Getting Title Prices

All about finding title prices

A title price is required for a journal to appear in your Unsub dashboard.

We used to provide publicly available title prices when we supported the big five publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, Springer Nature, SAGE, and Taylor & Francis). This eased the setup process for Unsub because we already had some title prices. However, collecting title prices for ALL publishers is not feasible.

As before we still recommend that you get in touch with your publisher contact and ask for a pricelist for the ISSNs in your dashboard. We have not heard of Unsub users having problems getting title prices from their publisher contacts.

As an alternative - or in addition - to contacting your publisher, you can use public title prices. These may or my not be different from the specific price the publisher charges you.

The following is non-comprehensive list of places to find public title prices:

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