Comparing scenarios

Have you created a scenario yet? If not go do that now.

Within an Unsub package you can have as many scenarios as you like.

Comparing different scenarios is a powerful way to compare different choices about subscribed titles and scenario parameters. Remember, scenarios within a package share the same COUNTER, PTA and title price data - those data do not differ among scenarios within a package.

Compare scenarios

Here, we'll compare two scenarios. If you haven't created a scenario yet, follow the Create a scenario tutorial to create a scenario now.

After creating a scenario make a copy of the scenario.

On creating a copy of a scenario you are dropped into the copied scenario. In the copied scenario let's change one parameter setting then compare results.

Click on the Parameters tab in your copied scenario. You should now see a page of the nine parameters.

For this tutorial we'll change one of the Fulfillment sources parameters: Include Bronze OA

By default Include Bronze OA is true. Click on that parameter and click the blue button to turn it to false, then click Save.

You should now see a change in your forecast.

Now navigate to the package page with your two scenarios: the original scenario you created, and the copied scenario.

You should see something like:

In the above view you can easily see the difference in Cost and Access between your scenarios. In the example above the two scenarios are identical except for the Include Bronze OA parameter (true in "First Scenario", false in "Copy of First Scenario").

Cost is about $24,000 less and access 3% higher in "First Scenario" relative to "Copy of First Scenario".

As you add more scenarios you can compare cost and access across them all.

What's Next?

The next step is learning about the Unsub Consortial Dashboard.

Note: Most Unsub users DO NOT have a consortial dashboard.

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