A better way to analyze your Big Deal

Unsub is a dashboard that helps you reevaluate your big deal, and understand your cancellation options.

This documentation is separated into four major sections oriented towards your learning goals:

In addition, the Troubleshooting section contains answers to common questions about Unsub.

Searching for documentation

You can full-text search the Unsub documentation - just click Search in the upper right of this page and type out a query.

Linking to documentation

You can get the link to any page by copying the link in your browser. You can also get direct links to any headers. Go to the header of interest and hover your mouse over the far right side of the header and a link icon will appear. Click that link icon and the url will be copied to your clipboard.

Unsub mailing lists

When your Unsub account is setup, the email address associated with the account does not automatically receive any emails with Unsub announcements.

We strongly recommend you sign up for these two google groups:

Webinars and videos

Check out our Webinars page for information about any upcoming webinars as well as links to webinar recordings.


Don't hesitate to reach out to us (support@unsub.org) with questions or thoughts on Unsub itself, or any aspect of Unsub that could be better documented. We'd love your feedback!

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